Make the most of your sunroom, turn it into a play room!

Sunroom is usually a room with large windows and sometimes a glass roof, designed to allow in a lot of sunlight. Mine has one, too. It was first built for library purpose, since my family has too many books that we don’t know where to place them. But then my father decide to sell most of his books (which are ¾ of them all), then each person has bookshelf in their own room. So we decide to simply make a room for leisure activities. To me, it is like a really informal family room, which has lots of windows and views of our yard. It is my favorite spot of the house. The room is really just a nice screened in porch with wicker furniture, but I love to sit out there every morning with my coffee, and my leisure things. I still remember those days I got so confused choosing my equipment, then I and my father spent hours on to find out the best studio headphones for mixing job. At nights, a cup of chocolate will accompany my reading session, or sometimes a family movies night. THE MOST OF YOUR SUNROOM

If I get to build my own house later, there will be a very big sunroom for sure.

(Sorry am I blabla-ing too much?)

In my opinion, people desire a sunroom as well as a playroom. They are equally necessary. Playroom is the heaven of their daughters and sons. Some couples told me their son even lives in the playroom instead of his bedroom. But then, I start to wonder, if kids just stay there, who is going to be in the sunroom, huh? I mean, imagine if a big house has people gathering together only in lunch and dinner time, it must be sad, right?

Fine then, why don’t we combine the two? It would be much more economical for our budget, since one less room would have to be built, along with furniture bought inside. By making this happen, our children will spend more time under the sunlight, and I’m sure we do know how sunlight affects positively on the kids, right? Now you only need to invest in one room only, like couch, TV or sound system, large window with lowE rating and tempered glass with vinyl frame,… (I decorate my family’ sunroom – playroom at home myself, with a great sound system, high-definition Sony flat screen TV and practice DJ-ing there :3). Also, you can supervise your son but not frame him, guide him to do the right with you keeping an eye. Problems happen to kids when we don’t get the chance to see them when playing, now have long gone.

You have to believe me, this idea is awesome. Can you imagine, you, your husband and kids in the same room, not just eating but playing together or simply looking outside, under the sunlight? Making sunroom serve as a playroom doubles its value! Just organize a little bit, you will save an amount of money, save it later if necessary. But remember, don’t put too much toys in the room, they will turn it into a toy store. You should not put much furniture either, your little angel may get bored because they cannot have the space to freely hang around. Put both yours and your son’s inside, make a right arrangement so that they are equally treated, funny and useful at the same time.

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