3 steps to choose the best mower

Previously, we told you about the types of mower that we can find in the market. Now it’s time to choose one of them for our garden.

1. When selecting a mower must take into account the size of the area to work:

  • The land between 100-500 m² – could use both an electric mower and gasoline. Keep in mind that electric mowers will be limited by dependence on an electrical outlet, and cable. For a garden with trees, planters or other obstacles will be uncomfortable working with a cable.
    Petrol mowers do not have this dependency will give us power, and get a good finish cutting the lawn.
  • The land between 500 – 2000 m² – here the electric mower is already discarded. We need the power to do the job, and this will give us gas mower. In this case, we look at the cutting width of the mower, a greater portion wider cut lawn and fewer passes we will have to give.
    Husqvarna Mower 348V
  • Land over 2000 m² – the area of this size ideally a riding mower. We will greatly facilitate the work, beginning because we all sitting comfortably cut the lawn. You could use a hand mower, but with the garden tractor will be saving time.

2. Mower for large garden

Once we chose the mower according to the size of the backyard to work, we can also note that within the mower there are two ranges: professionals and individuals. For large land a professional mower will provide:

  • An engine with more power
  • the aluminum frame which is stronger than steel
  • incorporates their traction, so it is simpler to sell.

The range of professional mower is also indicated if you use the machine frequently. Professionals are more durable mowers that support more hours.

A particular mower is suitable for a medium ground and with regular use. Within the range of private mowers are excellent machines that we can get all the performance.

3. We must also consider if you want your lawn mower cutting collect or recycle (mulching)

Recycling mowers have the advantage not to collect the grass cutting. The crushed and returned to the ground so that it is fertilizer for the lawn, which we are already saving for next time collection of grass clippings and other fertilizer for the field.

Mowers with the collector, who have no mulching, collecting grass clippings and then simply have to empty the container.

In response to these three characteristics: terror size, range, collection or mulching, we have enough data to choose the best mower.

Best Lawnmower

If you have a garden, you have a lawn, and this will be cultivated, watering and cut several times each week, the pair is cute and comfortable walking on it. So a lawn mower or a lawn mower is needed. You can also buy good mowers ranging at low prices on http://www.lawnmowerjudge.net/

 Comparison of lawnmowers

These top ten mowers come here because they are the best sellers, the list of the most popular mowers there are new models of mowers Bosch, Black & Decker, Husqvarna and Einhell, and lawnmowers Gardena, Skil, and McCulloch. To find out what they recommend gardeners and mowers buyers have used what, you can see customer reviews when clicking each mower. Of course if a new model, there is little feedback.

Buy good cheap mowers

Of course, we must keep in mind that quality has its price. And it’s better to spend a little more for a mower that would last a few more years. But if the grass is cut only occasionally it is not so important for a mower that is strong enough to cut the grass on a golf course to be taken daily. We have marked the cheapest mower among the top ten mowers. So you can easily find that mower costs little and is good, not to spend too much. Reading the experiences of other customers know if it’s a good deal or no maintenance cost. Sometimes there are specials at contracéspedes brand – and can seize the opportunity.


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