How to choose a paint sprayer?

In general, it is possible to apply all kinds of painting with a gun paints: acrylic paints, water paints, lacquers, varnishes, cellulose, synthetic, polyurethane… Nevertheless, some guns to paint need to be equipped with a specific nozzle or filter. It is, therefore, necessary to read paintings compatible with your gun. To do this, simply read the leaflet or ask advice on DIY store.

Material painting and projection

To start spray painting, some equipment and tools are required. Not only to protect the floor or furniture but also to protect or clean the painting tools, here is the list of painting and projection equipment to have:

  • The piece of protective equipment: plastic sheeting, masking tape, cardboard or newspapers.
  • The painter protective equipment: gloves and protective mask against paint fumes.
  • Cleaning equipment: cloth, water, and detergent
  • Painting equipment: spray paint, undercoating, and painting compatible, …

The basis for painting by yourself and pass a site is to be well equipped. It is, therefore, appropriate to gather materials and tools mentioned before starting your work. The tools of a house painter referenced may vary depending on your site. Discover the price of painting means including hardware and other supplies. Discover paint sprayer reviews here.

Steps of a paint sprayer work

The steps of painting done with a gun are highly similar to roller painting. Only the technical application as an exchange with a paint gun, paint is sprayed on walls, facades, and ceilings. Whether you plan to paint or repaint with gun furnishings, a wall or walls, ceiling, window frames … Discover how to make painting spray at low pressure and airless painting.

Paintings always start by preparing the surface to be painted. The surface to be painted must be clean, smooth and step-less to ensure uniform coverage in one pass.

Then you have to prepare the paint and test its texture so that it is compatible with the paint gun. To properly dilute the paint, use a viscometer to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations (maximum degree of dilution). It is possible to use a paint mixer to obtain homogeneous mixtures.

We must protect the workpiece from soil or disposal of cardboard, put tape and protect surfaces and furniture against the paint. It is difficult to remove paint stains on the floor and other surfaces, and protection is very important. Also, let air out the room to clear the paint fumes.

Before you start applying the paint on the support, control the texture of the paint and spray on cardboard to check the operation of the spray gun. Also, adjust and adapt the nozzle according to the desired result and texture of the paint. To paint with a thick texture, it takes a wide spray nozzle. Finally, adjust the pressure of the gun.

Once properly adjusted gun, just fill the tank gun and start painting your surface.

To learn how to spray paint here’s application technology for paint sprayers well hold the gun 30cm from the surface to paint and apply by making regular movements in vertical strips to avoid runs and thicknesses. You have to make “S” and cross passages to properly paint gun. You have to work on small areas of 1m² at a time.

Once your piece is painted with the paint gun, observe the drying time depending on the type of paint.

Clean the spray gun

Once the painting is completed, there is still one last step: Cleaning your paint sprayer and supplies. If you apply water paint, fill the gun of the tank with water and spray onto cardboard. If you apply an oil painting, you have to do the same but with a solvent. Also, the nozzle should be cleaned with a brush to remove any paint residue before it dries.

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