Back-to-school tips for parents and kids

1. New routine:
In one or two weeks before the new school year, children should be encouraged to stop summer routine and start new one, which is going to bed early so that they can wake up on time the day after. Normally, they would take time to get used to this adjustment. It is easier if you put the kids in active hobbies such as sports, since they are more attractive to kids than those indoor activities.

Summer schedule are very different from a school one so it is quite uneasy for everyone in the family. Meet up with new routines will save you from the chaos of first day to school so don’t hesitate, just set the alarm clock, wake your kids up and go through new rituals. Your kids may be grumpy on first days but they will be grateful afterwards, don’t worry.


2. Think about the new subjects:
Have a trip with the kids to local cultural sites, such as a museum, a pagoda or a historical site to give them a quick look into subjects of the program. This should be taken about a week before school year starts. This help introduce children to their lesson naturally and comfortably, the way that real lesson given in class may not be.

3. Say hi to new teachers:
Kids concern the most about their new teachers: Will they like them (and vice versa)? Let’s get them to worry less about the problem by meeting them first. You parents can look for personal information on school’s website, like email address or phone numbers. If this does not work, try find pictures of them and show your kids so that they can have something basic about their new teachers.

4. Have a look at the school.
Brush off nervous feelings and get your kids a familiar feelings about the school by touring them around, of course, if an open house is hosted by the school. Be sure to accompany Together you can meet her teacher, find her desk, or explore the playground.

5. Connect with friends.
A friend is able to bring the back-to-school trip to a whole new level. The unfamiliar surroundings are factors that keep the children from getting active, they are scared. As parents, you should know this clearly so, try saving numbers of other parents and call them to see if you are all in the same school. At least, a friend make the cold crowded place a better place to play, since getting to know others is easier with two. It is even better if you set up a picnic date where all the children unite and play freely before the school year, so that they are familiar again after long vacations.

6. Get the tools.
Make a shopping trip to the supermarket with your children to get them all the tools they need in the coming school year. You should make a list yourself before asking your son, since he may be still dreaming about summers and neglects what really matters. Let him choose what he needs, then re-look and buy. Don’t be too harsh on things he wants, even if they may be useless or irrelevant, since they must be something he likes so much that he wants to have it.

These tools also have something relating to the up something project. You should explain a little about how the appliances will be used to the children, they may be exciting. If any strange tool they have never used before, let’s have some practice so that he can handle if problem comes up.

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