Things to consider when hiring a housekeeper

To have someone manage your household sounds so easy but confusing at the same time. This means you will put your home in this person’s hands and let him or her do all the stuffs. Maybe you will have nothing to worry about, maybe not. It can turn out to be a sudden disaster if you meet the wrong one. So as not to make that certain mistake, I will give you some tips below to choose one housekeeper. Feel free to check out, and don’t forget to jot down!

Why you need to hire a housekeeper? A HOUSEKEEPER

So, since when cleaning house has become a job anyways? I guess it is when people are too busy to spend time keeping their place clean. I mean, a family with three, four active children is such a beautiful mess that no housewife has time to tidy everything (her kids will make it dirty again) every time. Or when you live alone, household chores resemble something out of reach because you don’t even have enough time to earn your living. In certain cases, house owner does not have the ability to clean the house. Besides, sometimes you may have a party to throw or you don’t have the required equipment to clean a particular surface, you need help. In those situation, you probably must delegate housekeeping to another so that you can handle other crucial tasks. You need a housekeeper through a house keeping service.

How to choose a maid service?

First, check if this service is certificated or not. Do some research to know more about them, because if it has not been licensed, it might not invest in the Third Party Bonding, the important insurance. According to the franchise You’ve Got Maids, this will protects you, the maid service’s customer, from the negligence or dishonesty of the maid services employees.

Second, do some background check online. Hiring a housekeeper means you let them work freely in your house, with or without your supervision. Mutual trust is necessary here, unless you want some awkward situations to happen. But how are you gonna trust someone you barely meet? I know it is hard, but it would be best if you are recommended someone that used to work for your parents, your friends before. If not, I’m afraid you will be needing online feedbacks and reviews of the upcoming service.

Third, check the schedule of theirs and yours. You need a long-time or short-time service? You prefer them cleaning up your house with or without you? If possible, set the time before calling for the agency, then ask if they can meet your needs. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service are usually types of cleaning they provide. Pick up dates that are convenient for you both.

Finally, choose the type of service you want: an individual or a team. Individual is fine, since she will work for you every time you need, maybe she even does things irrelevant to the contract. But if she is suddenly sick, you have problems because for the time being, no one will replace her. A team can do this, replacing and stuffs. Also, if the amount of requiring tasks is so enormous, no individual can afford them all for you.

Don’t forget to ask for opinion from your family

If you live alone then fine. But if you live with your parents, or your husband and kids, you ought to at least ask them. Some people are not in favor of letting others in their house. Especially children, they always become nervous with strangers around.

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